LWFC – Weeks 5 and 6

Last week we discussed July-Sept.  This week we discussed Aug.-Dec and prepared for the quiz which will take place on Monday.

Please come to class TUESDAY with a 2 page outline and the quotes you will use in your essay.  Monday, come prepared to take the quiz.

Thank you!  More updates later…

Ms. B


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Like Water for Chocolate – Week 3

This week, we talked about Magical Realism vs. Symbolism vs. Metaphysics.  We also tested knowledge of Chapters 1-6 muahahaha

Monday – No school – MLK day

Tuesday – Objective: Students will create love recipes from the match-making ingredients in “June”.  Students will work in small groups to discuss the symbolic meaning of ingredients and combine them into a recipe.

Wed/Thurs – Objective: Students will assess knowledge of “Jan”-“June” with a quiz and begin reading “July”-“Sept.”  Students will identify magical realism by interpreting quotes.

Friday – Objective: Students will differentiate between metaphysical, magical and symbolic items and occurences in the novel.  Students will complete a notecatcher and create screen shots of moments of magical realism.  Students will work in pairs to identify appropriate quotes and draw them.

Homework: Continue reading “July”-“September”

Downloads: Simile and Metaphor practice, Magical Realism in the novel, Match-making ingredients, Notecatcher, Week 3 Reflection

John teaches Tita matchmaking and match making.

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LWFC Week One

This week began with group presentations on figures from the Mexican Revolution on 1/7.  Individuals took notes on presentations, so if you weren’t there that day, please see me for a makeup assignment.  This week, we focused on reading and comprehending Jan-March.

Monday – Students will take notes on food metaphors and analyze the chapter “January”.  Students will complete a graphic organizer with character traits for each of the principle characters in the chapter.

Tuesday – Students worked in pairs and participated in a tournament with quick responses to questions from “January” and “February”.

Wednesday/Thursday – Students took notes on character development and food metaphors from “February” and “March”.  Students interviewed eachother to find cultural, family and ethnic traditions and then wrote a constructed response on a personal tradition.

Homework: Read “April,” “May,” and “June”.  Complete Week Two Reflection and study your notes for the quiz on January – June next Wed/Thurs.

Downloads: Character Analysis chart, Week One Reflection, Simile and Metaphor, Tournament Questions, Mexican Revolution Chart

"A dish for the gods!"

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Magical Realism

Today we talked about Magical Realism and saw several paintings from Rob Gonsalvez. It’s important to understand that Magical Realism and Surrealism are related, however there are subtle differences that make them unique.

Assignment: Create a collage or original piece of art demonstrating knowledge and application of Magical Realism. You should have juxtaposition of magical and reality as well as a central theme.

Objective: Students will take notes on Magical Realism using guided notes.

Homework: Magical Realism art due Friday Jan 7

Downloads: Culture circle, MR powerpoint, MR guided notes

MR Collage – An A+ project

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Today we talked about Psychoanalytical, Marxist, Symbolist and Biographical interpretations of The Metamorphosis. We did a jigsaw activity where experts read summaries of the different interpretations and then reported out to their home groups. We then created charts summarizing similarities between the different critical perspectives.

Objective: Students will read and discuss analytical perspectives on The Metamorphosis.

Homework: Finish Ch3 assignments for Friday.

Download: Critical interpretations

Gregor Samsa's life as a bug represented the deadening of his soul.

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Today we read alternate version of Chapter 2 from The Metamorphosis and discussed Gregor’s alienation and isolation from his family as a symbol of the alienation and isolation felt by people who are marginalized in society.

Objective: Students will read and discuss Chapter 2 and 3 from The Metamorphosis in pairs and complete a cause-effect graphic organizer.

Homework: Read Chapter 3 and complete Chapter 3 assignments by Friday.

Link: Animated Metamorphosis Part 1

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Today we talked about surrealism and why Gregor was portrayed as a giant bug.  We discussed the symbolic and literal implications of it as well as the aspects of Gregor’s personality (bug and human) that were described in Chapter 1.

Objectives: Students will read and analyze Chapter 1.  Students will identify and define different techniques in surrealist art.  Students will apply terms from notes on surrealism to their study of The Metamorphosis in a constructed response.  Students will draw a surreal representation of themselves using techniques from the lecture.

Lang. Objectives: Students will use guided notes to compose a constructed response and analyze literature.

Homework: Work on your surreal picture, finish Chapter 1 activities (they’ll be checked off Friday).

Downloads: Surrealism ppt, Surrealism Notes, Surrealism portrait

I'm Rubber You're Tar by my friend Erik Alos

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