Salome and Iranian Shari’a

Monday and Tuesday we discussed the Islamic legal code known as “Shari’a” and its effect on Iranian citizens.  We listened to a semi-anonymous female rapper named “Salome” or “Kalameh” and analyzed the lyrics to her hit song, “Don’t Muddy the Water.”

Lyrics – Don’t Muddy the Water

Sharia Law Handout (from Monday’s class)

Please finish reading the novel this week and bring the answers to the following questions on MONDAY.  Students who complete the work by Thursday and bring their books will recieve 10 extra credit homework points.

The Cigarrette

Vocabulary – Belligerent, Impose, Slogan, Repress

Questions – 1.  Why do you think Marjane’s mother was so upset that she ditched school?  2.  What do you think about “imposed peace”?  3.  What does the statement, “To die a martyr is to inject blood into the veins of society…”mean?  4.  Why does Marjane think smoking will make her grown-up?  5.  Do you think war makes kids grow up fast?  Why or why not?

The Passport

Vocabulary – Reign, Asylum

Questions – 1.  Why would the Germans sell chemical weapons to Iran and Iraq only to then have the victims sent back for treatment?  2.  Can you think of another situation where people might make fake passports?  3.  Would you make one if you couldn’t get medical treatment you needed in the U.S.?  Some people might see it as a betrayal, what do you think?

Kim Wilde

Vocabulary – Hypocrite, Submissive

Questions – 1.  What do you think about the “Guardians of the Revolution”? 2.  Can you think of any other groups like this?  3.  She’s listening to “forbidden” music.  How could this calm her down?  4.  Why do you think the government would try to keep them from being able to do this?

The Shabbat

Vocabulary – Opt, Circumspect

Questions – 1.  What benefit could the government derive from keeping people afraid constantly?    2.  Why did Iranian money loose its value so fast?  3.  What do you think of the statement, “No scream in the world could have relieved my suffering and my anger”?  What is she trying to say?  4.  What’s the significance of the black block?  5.  Did the Baba-Levys die?  6.  What is “The Shabbat”?

The Dowry

Vocabulary – Aggressor, Veritable, Bureaucrats

Questions – 1.  What is the significance of “The Dowry”?  2.  What kind of price could be placed on a young girl?  3.  Why would they send money to Niloufar’s parents other than the obvious reason of following tradition?  4.  What do you think of the statement, “There is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance…”?  Do you agree?  5.  What would you do if you had to leave your family right now, in 11th grade, at 16-18 years old…possibly forever?  How would you feel?


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