Persepolis – Week Two

This week, we talked about the Iranian Revolution and its causes.  We also discussed the structure of graphic novels and why the author/illustrator made it look the way that it does.

For next week, you need to read chapters 5-8.  Here are your questions and vocabulary.  Please answer in COMPLETE sentences.

The Letter

Clandestine, Devote

 1. Why would keeping social classes apart be so important in Iran?  2. Why would someone start a rumor that Israeli soldiers killed all the people on Black Friday?

The Party

Massacre, Freemason, Effigy, Phenomena, euphoria

1. Why did Jimmy Carter refuse to give refuge to the Shah?  2. Why did Marjane’s neighbors lie about the woman’s scar?  3. Why would Marjane and her friends decide to attack Ramin?  4. Do you think Ramin and his opinions will come up later in the story?  Could this be foreshadowing?


Exile, Shun

 1. Why did Marjane want so badly to have prisoners in her family?  2. What is the social importance of being related to people who were communists?  3. How were communists treated in the 40s and 50s in our country?

The Sheep

Proletariate, Mosque

 1. Why did Marjane’s father get so livid when she repeated statistics from the TV?  2. What did Marjane’s father mean when he said, “…so I can become a taxi driver and you a cleaning lady?”  3. What is “divine justice”?  4. Why does Marjane’s uncle keep saying “Everything will be alright”?  5. Can you think of another time and place where people had this attitude?  Were they correct?  6. Why did Marjane get angry at God?  7. Why do you think people tend to thank God when things go well and get angry when things go badly?  8. Why do you think the title of this chapter is “The Sheep”? 



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