The Water Cell – Persepolis

The Water Cell
Vocabulary – Monopoly, Lenin, Rabble, Communist, Bleak (remember to give the page number and the explanation for who/what it is)

Discussion Questions – 1. Why do Marjane’s parents think it’s funny that she wants to play “Monopoly”? 2. Why would they say that the emperor of Persia is the King of England? 3. What other countries can you think of that have been taken over by imperialism? 4. How is their story similar to this one? 5. Why do you think people were in favor of Communism and Republics instead of Imperialism?

Vocabulary – Dynasty, Frivolity, Aryan, Splendor, Cadaver, Martyr
Discussion Questions – 1. Why would the Shah’s regime forbid anyone to take photographs? 2. Why was it funny that they made a martyr out of the man who died of cancer? 3. What other martyrs do you know of? Do you feel they died for a worthy cause? 4. Why do you think she called the book “Persepolis”? *Hint, look in the introduction.


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