Persepolis – Week 1

Last week we worked on background for the Iranian Revolution and discussed our pre-conceptions about the Islamic religious and cultural practice of veiling.

This week, we are working in background presentations regarding the Iranian revolution of 1979 and discussing the first five chapters of Persepolis.

Objectives: Students will research and discuss background information on the Iranian revolution of 1979. Students will discuss and write to learn about the custom of veiling in Iran. Students will read and respond to discussion questions about Persepolis chapters 1-5.

Downloads: Who wears a veil? (after completing the activity, please write a response to what you have learned about veiling as a custom)

The Iranian Revolution – Powerpoint Presentation

Webquest Group Assignment – The Iranian Revolution of 1979

Discussion questions and vocabulary:

The Veil – Obligatory, Bilingual, Decadence, Zarathustra (find the page number these words appear on and explain what/who they are) 1. What does the veil stand for? 2. What is separatism?  How does it appear in this chapter? 3. Who were the other prophets mentioned? How do you know? 4. What are some symbols from chapter 1? What do they represent?

The Bicycle – Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Trotsky, Karl Marx, Imperialism 1. What countries are shown as Imperialists? How do you know? 2. Why does “God” leave Marjane when she starts talking about Fidel Castro or Che Guevara? 3. Why do you think they burned down the Rex Theater?

Please come to class on TUESDAY prepared with the answers to the chapter questions for “The Bicycle”. Please come to class Wed/Thurs PREPARED to give your presentations.

Thank you!
Ms. B


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